WATCH: Smash Mouth singer has on-stage meltdown over bread

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TORONTO —; The lead singer of Smash Mouth turned into a potty mouth Sunday night during a concert in Colorado.

Steve Harwell flipped out when someone in the crowd at Taste of Fort Collins threw bread on the stage just as the band was getting ready to play its 1999 hit “All Star.”

“You throw one more piece of s*** on f***ing stage, I’m gonna come find your a**, I’m gonna beat your a**, whoever the f*** you are out there,” Harwell said.



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    “Walk your bad a** up here. You bring your a** on stage, whoever’s throwing s*** at me. I will tell you right now I will beat the f*** out of you. You’re a p**** punk b****.”

    The 48-year-old singer, one of only two original members of Smash Mouth, threatened to walk off stage.

    “You’re ruining the show for thousands of people right now,” said Harwell, who then went into the crowd to confront someone he suspected of being responsible for the yeast projection. A member of the band’s crew jumped into action and held Harwell back.

    After some in the crowd started booing, a Smash Mouth musician started singing “All Star” —; and the crowd joined in.

    Harwell’s expletive-filled tirade at the family-friendly event quickly hit social media with hashtags like “#breadgate2k15” and comments about the singer being gluten intolerant.

    In addition to “All Star,” which was featured in the movie Shrek, Smash Mouth had hits like “Walkin’ on the Sun” and recorded covers of “Why Can’t We Be Friends” and “I’m a Believer.”

    The group’s last album, 2012’s Magic, peaked at No. 22 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

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