Resolutions to work out fading one month later

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REGINA – Getting fit is at the top of the priority list for many of us when New Year’s rolls around.

Regina resident, Theo Agecoutay, was no exception. “My lifestyle stopped keeping me fit and I started gaining weight and losing cardio. Then I decided I wanted to get back into shape,” he said.

He’s hoping a personal trainer can help him meet his goal.

Addison David, said there are a number of benefits to hiring a trainer like herself.


“They can show you how to get to your goals, teach you new things, and keep you motivated along the way.”

If a trainer is too expensive or uncomfortable, David suggests working out in groups may be the way to go.

At the start of January, group classes at Gold’s Gym saw a 10 per cent increase in participation, but one month later, that changed.

According to group fitness director, Shelley Pappas, “We’ve seen a little bit of a decrease. But we definitely haven’t lost that 10 percent increase that we usually get.”

At the beginning of 2015, Gold’s Gym had over 400 new customers sign up. That is 100 more than last year, but already that number is starting to wane.

The owner of LG Fitness, Leslie Genoway, said there’s a number of ways to stick with your New Year’s resolutions, including bringing a friend.

“Having that held accountability, if someone is waiting for you to go for that run or walk or get to the gym. You know you can’t hit that snooze button one more time.”

Other tips? Spice up your routine and try a variety of exercises or setting goals ahead of time can also help.

Genoway added, “If you have those goals in mind, then there’s more likelihood of actually continuing and getting to that goal, instead of dropping off.”

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