North Vancouver RCMP warn of used needles found in public places

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WATCH: North Vancouver RCMP are investigating a disturbing find – dozens of used needles discarded near a busy bus stop in the Upper Lonsdale area. Catherine Urquhart reports.

VANCOUVER – The North Vancouver RCMP is warning the public about improperly discarded sharps in public places.

Sharps is a medical term, which refers to devices such as needles and syringes that can puncture or cut the skin.


In the last month, Mounties say about 40 sharps have been discovered near a bus stop at the corner of Lonsdale and Queens in North Vancouver. The exposed needles were found either in plastic bags, or loose in or near a garbage bin.

Police are very concerned over the apparent disregard for public safety someone has by discarding their sharps in this manner, said Cpl. Richard De Jong of the North Vancouver RCMP. Used needles and other sharps can be dangerous to people and pets if not disposed of safely because they can cause injuries and spread infections.

Police say safe disposal of these sharps is important for everyone and should always be disposed in a sharps disposal container.

Never place loose needles and other sharps in the household or public trash cans, or recycling bins.

Police say if you are accidentally stuck by another person’s used needle or other sharp:

    Wash the exposed area right away with water and soap or use a skin disinfectant (antiseptic) such as rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.Seek immediate medical attention by calling your physician or local hospital.

For more information on accessing a sharps disposal container or other harm reductions supplies, visit Central Community Health Centre in North Vancouver or go to the Vancouver Coastal Health, Central Community Health Centre website.

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